"Traditions with a Twist"
The show features the work of 14 artists, 3 of whom are from Martin County. The Fiber artists include Katherine McNeese, Dottie Anne Walker, Bonnie Pulver, Debbie McCullough, Lisa Winslow and Katherine Wassink. The Vessels are the work of Judy Wobbleton, Lynn Hoyt, Carolyn Sleeper, Milton Bland, Corey Baker, Dick Lasher, Shawn Newton and Perla Segovia. There are quilts your grandmother never dreamed of, whimsical baskets, carved gourds, painted gourds, feathered gourds all kinds of wonderful gourds, pottery; some serious and some fun, woven clothing, needle felting, hand dyed silk, and paintings done with fabric. And, not to be missed, there is a 3-dimential, self portrait done in fiber and chairs with seats and backs made of WOVEN GLASS! The good news is that many of these treasure are available for purchase.

North Carolina Arts Council
50 Years of Leadership
This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the
Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.