Martin County Fine Art Show Winners 2016
Oils/Acrylics: 1st Place – Pat Boyd – “Pamlico River”,2nd Place – Kay Woolard – “Sage Fields Forever”, 3rd Place – Lena Faye Modlin – “White Egret”,Watercolors: 1st Place – Isabel Farrell – “Storm Coming”,2nd Place – Nancy Scoble – “Inspired by a Ride in a Combine”,3rd Place – Gale Champion- “Free Flowing”,Graphics/Mixed Media: 1st Place – Katherine Wassink – “Where the Birch Flowers Bloom”,2nd Place – Lena Faye Modlin – “Evening Meal”,3rd Place – Kathy Daly – “Country Barn”,Sculpture, Pottery and Glass: 1st Place – Carolyn Sleeper – “Peace”,2nd Place – Corey Baker – “Raku Basket”, Fiber Arts, Wood, and Paper: 1st Place – Richard Lasher – “Train (Engine with six cars),Jewelry and Metal: 1st Place – Michael Hall – “Free Skate”,Honorable Mentions: Lynn Anderson – “Enchanted Garden”, Watercolor,Myra Bowen – “Poppies VI”, Watercolor,Patricia Leggett – “Home in Washington”, Watercolor,Pat Boyd – “Mare and Foal”, Watercolor, Lisa Gargaro – “Play it Again” and “Words of Wisdom”, Mixed Media,Gale Champion – “Sunset Sail”, Watercolor on Yupo